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Protect Your Home
1. GET NEW LOCKS or have tumblers reset when you move into a previously occupied dwelling. You have no way to know who might have keys to your door.

2. DON’T HIDE KEY outside the door; under mats, flowerpots, over moldings, etc. If you can hide it, a burglar can find it. If you want an extra key nearby, leave one with a trusted neighbor.

3. HAVE GOOD, SAFE LOCKS on all doors. Use auxiliary deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Lock the doors when you go out - even for just a minute.

4. INSTALL AN ALARM that can be used to detect entry or smoke. Post doors and windows that residence has an alarm.

5. DON’T LET STRANGERS GO INTO YOUR HOME. Use a peephole or talk through device. Ask for identification. People on legitimate business will be glad to show identification.

6. REPORT BROKEN STREET LIGHTS in your neighborhood. Well-lit areas discourage burglars by taking away their hiding places.

7. DON’T LEAVE HOUSE AND CAR KEYS TOGETHER with attendants at public parking lots. Your house keys can be quickly duplicated and your address obtained from your plate number.

8. DON’T GIVE INFORMATION to strangers on the telephone. On wrong-number calls, don’t tell the caller your number. Report continued wrong numbers to the phone company.

9. USE METAL GRILLWORK on glass in entrance doors and decorative side glass to prevent burglars from breaking the glass and reaching inside to open the door.

10. REPORT TO POLICE any strangers loitering in your neighborhood or people asking strange questions about your whereabouts.




11. STORE LADDERS INSIDE. Don’t leave them loose outside. If you can’t put it safely inside, lock it securely. Suggest your neighbors follow this rule of ladders, too.

12. PUT THINGS AWAY. Don’t leave articles on sidewalks, lawn or porch areas easily accessible to the general public.

13. BE ALERT for unusual activities. If you see an unknown person loitering in or around a neighbor’s yard, don’t be afraid to check their identity with your neighbor by phone.

14. CLOSE GARAGE DOORS whether at home or away. Opened and empty usually indicates an empty home, and often allows easy access to entryway, unseen from the street.

15. WHEN WORKING IN AN ATTIC OR CELLAR or anyplace away from the main area of the house - LOCK UP!

16. SECURE ALL ENTRANCES at night and when leaving...including garage doors, sun deck and porch doors, etc.

17. SECURE PATIO DOORS. They should lock from the inside...but a strip of wood placed in the inside track will prevent sliding the door open from the outside.

18. USE LIGHTS EFFECTIVELY. Leave several burning in different parts of the house when you go out. Outside entrance lights and post lights illuminate possible hiding places around your house.

19. HAVE EFFECTIVE WINDOW LOCKS. A safe unobtrusive lock can be made by drilling through the top of the bottom window sash and the bottom of the top window sash and inserting a small nail into the hole.

20. VARY YOUR ROUTINE. If you follow the same routine week in and week out, a would-be burglar could watch your movements and know when your house is likely to be empty.

21. SINGLE WOMEN should never place their full name on the mailbox - your first and middle initial should be used, rather than “Miss” or “Mrs.”

22. KEEP FEW VALUABLES in your home. Money, jewelry, furs, etc., are safer in a storage vault or safe deposit box.

23. KEEP MAIL BOX EMPTY If you are away, arrange with a neighbor to have circulars, etc., taken out of the box.

24. CHECK REFERENCES of maids, cleaning women, anyone who may have to work inside your home while you are away from it.




25. HAVE LAWNS MOWED and yard work kept up.

26. PUT THINGS AWAY. Lawn furniture, bicycles, etc. should be put away.

27. STOP ALL DELIVERIES (or have someone pick up deliveries daily). Notify police and a trusted neighbor of your planned absence and the length of time you will be gone.

28. DON’T DISCUSS YOUR ABSENCE in public, and don’t give information about your vacation to the newspapers - you can give details when you return.

29. MOVE VALUABLES so they can’t be seen from porch windows. Be sure you have a list of small appliances and valuables.

30. ARRANGE INSPECTION by a trusted neighbor if you will be gone more than a few days - to insure nothing has been disturbed.

31. DON’T CLOSE BLINDS, pull shades down, or do other things that advertise that the house is empty.

32. USE A CLOCK-TIMER or a photo-electric relay to turn lights on and off at certain times, giving the house an occupied look.

33. ALTER LIGHTING PATTERN. Added protection can be achieved if you have your neighbor rearrange the timer-controlled lights to present a different pattern for a part of your absence.

34. IN CASE OF A BREAK-IN, your neighbor should know how to reach you and your insurance agent - and should give this information to the police when reporting a suspected burglary.

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